PENGUIN SPEAKS VOLUMES - d&ad new blood winner
Under representation of ethnic minorities in the GCSE English curriculum isn't spoken about loudly enough. Penguin Speaks Volumes bridges the gap between classic GCSE novels and todays modern society by engaging 15 to 16 year old boys in understanding literature. Covering all 65 books in the curriculum, authors, teachers and rappers will drive round the location of each GCSE novel to analyse the texts- whilst entertaining. On Youtube and Spotify, Penguin Speaks Volumes is a free, accessible and admirable teacher outside of the classroom.
Spot The Brit
Waiting to arrive at your destination can be mind-numbing, can passengers be entertained? Street food meets the Brits in a 'Where's Wally' visual puzzle. An exciting interactive box, where the passengers are challenged to look for iconic British characters. *These concepts were pitched to Virgin Atlantic in conjunction with gategroup.
This campaign aims to bring awareness about dyslexic individuals using colourful posters and signage to educate general public that regarding dyslexia might be a challenge, it does not necessary means less capable, helping to reduce stigma upon dyslexia.
DON’T GET THE BIRD ANNOYED a multi-platform campaign that aims to get 16-22 year olds excited about the brand and their services. #fun #irreverent #meme
Branding design for a student led pop-up store in Kingston upon Thames. Logo + merchandise + marketing.